Whole Grain Durum Atta Flour (20 lbs, 44 lbs, 2 lbs)

Whole Grain Wheat Flour (20 lbs, 44 lbs, 2 lbs)
(Hard Red Wheat)

Whole Grain Spelt Flour (2 lbs)

Whole Grain White Wheat Flour (2 lbs)
(Soft White Wheat)

Whole Grain Corn Flour (2 lbs, 4 lbs, 8 lbs)

Besan (Chickpea Flour) (2 lbs, 4 lbs, 8 lbs)

Bran (Whole Wheat Bran) (300g (approx 0.66 lbs))

Coming Soon -- Hard White Wheat!

Our Wheat and Corn flours have been certified to carry the Whole Grains Council Stamp.

Our Wheat flour has been certified to use the Health Check Symbol. Similar to the Heart Healthy Symbol.

Member of the Whole Grains Council and Health Check / Chana Food Products     519-979-1263